Farm Records

The past week or so has been spent designing a farm record keeping system that works not only for our tiny market garden but for the tax man as well. Income & Expense Records, Harvest Records, Soil Amendments Record, Crop Records, Production Scheduling, Field Design, Planting Groups & Rotation Schedules, Building & Maintenance Records, Market Records, Time Spent Records, and an updated Business Plan are all things that have been created. 

Then there’s the calendar that will be used to keep up with upcoming events, moon cycles, rainfall & temperatures, seed purchases & deliveries, etc plus the pocket notebook for daily notes. Agh! There is definitely a lot more to running even a tiny farm than just putting a seed in the ground. 

To top it all off, raising crops and marketing crops are two completely different business. Not to even mention the business of record keeping! A farmer is truly a ‘jack-of-many-businesses’ as well as many trades.  

Hiring these jobs out is not at all profitable for the tiny farmer. So, around here we’ll just keep on learning and creating and designing and learning some more. At least it never gets boring.