Slow and Steady

It was another very hot day yesterday, 95° give or take a little. I need to buy a thermometer that record high & low temperatures as well as rainfall amounts. I want to keep accurate weather records and start recording nighttime temperatures too, since this is normally how planting times are determined.

Yesterday I busted my tail again – working compost, cleaning my shed and laying a linoleum cover on the floor (to prolong the life of the plywood by protecting it from water damage), watering and weeding (it’s been 90º + for a very long time with no rain for several weeks), picking up and stacking debris, and busting and moving dirt piles with my bow rake.

Today I’ve got a list a mile long and none of it is on my ‘To Do in 2011’ list – which I’ve added a page for; this list just happens to be in addition to my regular daily duties. A lot of the things on it requires Hubby’s help. He’s very limited on time so he does things when he can and I just have to be patient. That’s hard to do some days. Anyway, it’s all coming together – slow and steady.