Free Hay

Field. One could almost see the crops ripening...
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It’s Sunday evening. Another week has come to an end. It’s really hard to believe that by this time next week we’ll be in September. Where does time go?

All around I see farmers rushing to collect the hay they’ve recently cut from their fields. Fields that spread for as far as the eye can see. Fields that stretch across a gently rolling landscape.   

Hubby and I spent the greater part of today picking up fallen and broken square bales of hay that laid scattered around a field about 25 miles north of our own. The hay was free to us if we’d clean the entire field, so we did. We’ll use the hay to cover the grass seed that we’re broadcasting in bare places left by the fallen trees from the tornado and the loggers who cleaned them up, some of it will be used for compost building this winter too. I’m guessing that we collected a minimum of 12 bales. After allowing for the cost of our gasoline, I think we saved at least $55.00 by not having to buy the hay from a local garden supply shop where they usually sell for $6.00 each. I hope to get more hay this way as farmer’s are always happy to have their hay storage areas and their fields cleaned for free.