Planning Ahead

I would really like to get in the habit of blogging every day, and maybe this winter I will, but right now I just don’t have the time. The field has to be worked while the weather permits and as of right now it hasn’t rained in at least two weeks so I haven’t spent much time indoors. I’ve been raking, and piling, and dragging, and hauling until my body feels like it wants to literally drop to the ground and crumble. But the field is looking much better!

The shed is almost caulked and will be ready for floor covering soon. I though the plywood floor should be covered with linoleum to prevent rotting and make it easier to keep the dirt swept out. I’m always dragging in wet grass clippings and mud and I know this winter will only be worse. It’s easy to find pieces of scrap linoleum at the local home supply store. Covering it should prolong the floor’s usefulness. The caulk is to seal out the critters – spiders, ants, etc. Around here we have to watch out for black widow spiders hiding in between planting trays and pots.

As for the garden … most of our summer goodies have come and gone. We still have pink eye purple hull peas, peppers, corn, okra, turnip greens, pintos, and eggplant. The last of the tomatoes were picked this week along with the runner green beans. The winter squash and pumpkin were taken out with the other cucurbits about two weeks ago due to a squash bug infestation and all the sun flowers were eaten by yellow finch and cardinals. I’ve already started plans for next year’s crops.

It’ll be time to start digging more planting beds soon. We’ll be adding two 5’x29′ beds, four 5’x20′ beds, four 5’x10′ beds, one 2’x30′ bed, a permanent pole bean area (not sure how big or where yet), two nut trees, and a small apple orchard of at least 12 trees. Plus, we’ll be expanding an existing bed to combine with another to make one more 5’x29′ bed and to another bed to make a second 2’x30′ bed. It’s a lot of digging but I know we can do it. So the plan for next year is to have 1355 square feet of double dug raised beds planted with annual herbs and flowers and fresh vegetables (plus the pole bean area), 150 square feet bed of perennial herbs and flowers, 900 square feet of strawberries, a small apple orchard, and two pecan trees. It’ll keep me running. Hmm? I may not have time to blog every day this winter after all.