Work Never Ends!

The F.E.M.A. crew finished the job in record time! Now we’re left with mud, ruts, stumps, logs, sticks, and rocks. Since we don’t own any large equipment, clearing and leveling can take an extremely long time. It would have taken a lot longer though if F.E.M.A. hadn’t of help. So thanks F.E.M.A. and thanks to the logging crew who did the work; they were wonderful!

Last year, when the field was first cleared, I started in one corner and worked my way around the entire thing with a wheel barrow, a bow rake, and a shovel. I’d level soil, pile up vines and sticks for burning and collect rocks in neat piles. When I’d finish one area I’d move on down to another until finally the entire fence line was cleared; it took a few weeks but I got it finished. Hubby burned a massive debris pile. We moved wood ash and soil around until finally there was a nice space for setting up double dug planting beds, a composting area, and a small area for growing mulch (we grew rye grass). I managed to get seven 3’x50′ beds (these are where the strawberries are going next year), three 5’x20′ beds, one 5’x6′ bed, one 2’x14′ bed, and one 2’x24′ bed double dug and ready for planting (these are the beds that are planted now but were torn to pieces in April’s tornado). Now, the entire field has to be leveled and smoothed all over again, except for these planting beds that were re-shaped and re-planted. It’s not just the field that needs it now but the entire yard, even our ditch along one road is packed full of mud, logs, and roots. Agh! The 100+ degree heat index doesn’t help any and neither does all the rain we’ve been getting lately. Don’t mean to gripe but it’s hard work! Everything we do is by hand and it’s very hard work! 

I just got back from the vet with our dog, Dacoda. He’s can no longer be a daddy – if you know what I mean?!? It’s already rained again this morning so getting in the sloshy field is out of the question. I’m working on a to do list but I keep running out of paper. I think I’ll add a text widget to the sidebar to keep a list in; maybe this will help. I’ll keep adding and taking away but I already know it’ll never end.