F.E.M.A’s Here!

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As soon as I was ready to go outside yesterday the F.E.M.A. folks showed up. Right now there’s a track hoe and a coupe of bobcats setting around in the front yard. Our front yard is actually the part of our yard between the house and the field. It used to be a forest of 75’+ hardwoods and pine, now it’s just a muddy pile of debris. It’ll take a very long time to get things smoothed out once the big machines are gone. The garden used to be hidden from the house but now its easy to see the entire field from the front porch. Our place is surely going to be different from now on. I’ll be sure to post before and after pictures once F.E.M.A. folks are finished. 

The dog’s pen is all mowed and cleaned up now (it’s actually our back yard). We used to keep a small kitchen garden there but since we had to move the fence we won’t be planting anything in it because we have a male dog that likes to ‘mark’ everything. I mean everything! He’ll even hike his leg and pee on your shoe if you’re not watching him closely enough. I’ve already had to throw away a few Atkinson’s tomatoes they were low enough on the plant for him to pee on and I didn’t want to take any chances. Our field is large enough to have a market garden and a kitchen garden.

 Yesterday I did managed to get all the Crepe Myrtles pruned. We lost three of them in the tornado but they seem to ge growing back really well from the stumps that are left. We have 11 all together with eight of them lining the driveway leading up to the house. I raise 10 of them from cuttings and one of them is a volunteer. Their colors are pink, purple, and white. The only problem with them is that Japanese Beetles love to munch on their leaves.

Today’s To-Do list is a busy one  … a trip to the courthouse for a title change on an automobile, a trip to the grocery store to pick up extra chili supplies, harvest what I can, vacuum pet hair from the furniture and carpeting, get a coat of paint on our new ‘doggy condo’, I still need to order those fava beans, string up a cherry tomato plant that’s becoming very leggy, get that lock on the shed doors, pull a few weeds, and just watch our yard transform from a lush forest to an opened up muddy field. I expect the F.E.M.A. guys to get here pretty early today. I’ll have to find a way to harvest squash and okra without getting in their way, maybe there will be some tomatoes ready for picking too, Mmm!, and beans.