Starting More Compost

 I managed to get some mowing done before it began to rain today. Around the perimeter of the field, outside of the fence line, I ride a mower to keep weeds down and chop up small sticks and pinecones. Inside the fence and throughout the garden I use a push mower so that I can collect grass and weed clippings for the compost. This worked really great earlier this year when the rye was growing but now I usually leave the bag off since there are so many weeds. This is our first year in the field so all the weeds are no surprise. It’s really tough keeping up with them though and today I notice some spurge starting to seed. Agh!

I started another compost pile today. First the soil is loosened with a garden fork in the area where the pile will be goind and then the weeds are removed making sure to get the roots. This will allow for better air circulation while the pile is ‘cooking.’ I’ll continue to add material for a few weeks until the pile reaches the size of a 3′ square. This size heats up nicely and is easy to turn. Oh, if the weeds I pull out haven’t started to make seed I just throw them back in the pile too.  

Tomorrow we’ll be working on our back yard. The tornado took out our fence thus leaving the poor dogs without their usual outdoor space. Because of fallen trees, we had to put new fence in a different location which brings the fence right up against the house. There is also spaces along the bottom of the fence big enough for two of the dogs to get out. They have literally been in and out of the house and running around the neighborhood at will for almost three months now. But tomorrow all their fun is over! It’s back to the yard. We’ll be putting an electric wire along the bottom of the fence to keep them in. I know it sounds a little harsh but our county has a law that requires dog owners to either keep their animals on their own property. So, letting them run around isn’t in their best interest, and we don’t want them to get run over. We also plan to build each one of them their very own dog house – all six of them. I’m thinking this might turn in to a ‘several weekends’ project. I’ll keep you posted.

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