Bugs Everywhere!

Spotted cucumber beetle (Diabrotica undecimpun...
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I did get those petunias set out but the weather has been so hot and dry that it’s been almost impossible to keep them alive. But this week it’s rained will over an inch so maybe they’ll pop back. So far, it doesn’t appear that the petunias are doing much good anyway. The Mexican Bean Beetles have all but taken total control of the beans and peas.

I’ll observe and record the bean beetle’s behavior and life cycle this year, and then tackle the problem next year with a hot pepper/soap spray that’ll be made from the Habanero peppers that are growing now. Yes, yes. It it would be easy to buy a bag of Sevin Dust or simply pick up some hot peppers at the grocery store and get rid of those pests now, but staying chemical-free is extremely important around here. When the Habaneros are harvested they’ll be washed, dried, flash frozen, and placed in a sealed bag in the freezer for use in making next year’s hot pepper spray. Until then, the ‘pick and squish’ method of insect control will just have to do.

This week the Cucumber Beetle has shown its ugly face in the garden as well. It’s very similar in appearance to the Mexican Bean Beetle except it is yellow instead of orange and some have stripes instead of spots. Where are these insects coming from?!? I guess they blew in on the wind.