Still Cleaning Up

Potato flowers
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The garden is starting to look like a garden again. I plan to post new pictures and maybe even get up a short video asap. I’ll be the first to admit that blogging and vlogging have been the farthest things from my mind. We only have two more large trees and a few privet shrubs to clean out from the field then we will have got it all. Of course, the burn pile that was just starting to get down to manageable size has grown substantially. It may take years before we finally get all the debris cleaned and burned from our property.

It poured down rain last night and just about all day today so I haven’t been in the garden today. Since my last post I’ve transplanted a few more tomato and pepper plants and planted those field peas. I’ll be digging up the potatoes once the soil dries out a little, probably in about 3 days. The plants never did bloom but they’re starting to dry out already so I thought I’d go ahead and dig them and get the bed ready for planting corn. To do this I’ll turn composted cow manure and wood ash into the bed with my garden fork. I’ll space two rows of Country Gentleman or “shoepeg” corn spaced 15″ along the length of the bed. We already have some corn coming in but most of it was crushed be the fallen trees. Besides, you can never have too much corn.