Squash Bugs

a male Amorbus rubiginosus (Guerin-Meneville) ...
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The past two summers have been quite bothersome as we’ve begun to see more and more squash bugs on our growing vegetables, not just on squash plants but on okra too. I found one bug hiding in the kitchen when I was cleaning under the range about two months ago, I found one in the shed last month, and I’ve seen several others throughout the winter in varoius places around the yard. Up until this year we’ve planted vegetables in a small kitchen garden that we have  just outside our back door but this year we’ll let the little garden lay fallow and only plant in our field. The field sits about one acre from the house.  Hopefully those nasty bugs won’t find it.

To help prevent the squash bugs from moving into the field we’ll be planting lots and lots of onions. While investigating companion plantings we came across an article that read onions are a compliment to squash as they help keep the squash bug from moving in. It turns out these nasty bugs don’t like the way onions smell. So, I just finished setting out hundreds of bunching onions in the squash bed. I’ll also be planting radish there. Hopefully, the two of them together will be enough to ward off that nasty squash bug.