About Us

RockyCrop Farms is a tiny half-acre market garden located three miles west of Hanceville, Alabama, in the beautiful Stouts Mountains valley area. Here we grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruit Рmost of which are heirloom. We may try a new hybrid every now and again, but we never plant genetically modified seeds. We also raise our own transplants.

Our produce is Certified Naturally Grown which means all crops are grown without synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. Instead, we use only natural ingredients such as cottonseed meal and wood ash to adjust soil structure. We plant cover crops to retain nutrients and reduce erosion. We practice crop rotation to prevent bacterial build-up and ward off pests. We plant flowers and herbs to attract beneficial insects, and we hang many birdhouses throughout the gardens.

2018 is only our third year of market sales and we expect it to be our busiest and best so far.