About Us

RockyCrop Farms is a tiny half-acre market garden just about three miles west of Hanceville, Alabama. We are Certified Naturally Grown. Being certified lets you know that we are an ecologically responsible producers and that we follow all National Organic Production standards. To put it simple, we love the birds, the bees, the dirt, the trees, and bugs and other critters and we want to do all we can to care for them.

To care for the soil we add compost to build structure; plant cover crops to retain nutrients and reduce erosion; and practice crop rotation to prevent bacterial build-up and ward off pests. We plant mainly heirloom vegetables and fruit but we do like trying a hybrid now and again. We plant flowers and herbs to attract beneficial insects. We never ever spray synthetic pesticides or fertilizers in our growing areas. We never knowingly buy gmo seeds. Other than an occasional roto-till, we do all work by hand.

We are still just getting started and some of our plans for 2017 include expanding our growing beds, getting the well up and going, and turning an old shed into a cold room. We’re working on electricity now. Water lines are next.