About Us

RockyCrop Farms is a half-acre market garden located in Hanceville, Alabama just three miles west of downtown in the beautiful Stouts Mountain valley area. We have just recently become Certified Naturally Grown; this certification assures you that we are an ecologically responsible producers and that we follow all National Organic Production standards.

Some things we do to preserve our environment is add compost to build soil structure; plant cover crops to retain soil nutrients and reduce erosion; practice crop rotation to prevent soil bacterial build-up and ward off pests; plant mainly heirloom vegetables and fruit (but we do like trying a hybrid now and again);  and plant flowers and herbs to attract beneficial insects. We are chemical free which means we never spray synthetic pesticides or use synthetic fertilizers in our growing areas. We never knowingly buy gmo seeds. Most of our work is done by hand but we do occasionally use a roto-tiller.